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Custom Timer Frame Houses

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We have the expertise to work with any size project or budget and the ability to join the construction process at any stage, because our primary goal is to turn your dream into reality – home that you’ll admire for years to come.

Timber Frame House Scandinavia
Timber frame house with large windows
Element house - modern architecture
Timber frame house - apartment building
Timber frame panels

Starting from

235 €/m2

Panels + Assembly

Starting from

435 €/m2

Full finish

Starting from

795 €/m2

Turn your dream into reality

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Log house drawing

Material selection

We work with individual projects, therefore we adapt fully to all requirements of the project. We create timber frame houses in seven months. In the wall construction we use a double wind protection. It means that the timber frame has been covered with an OSB chipboard and a wind film, therefore the timber frame houses have more significant sustainability.


Are you curious about your new home in the factory build process? We welcome you to be our guest at the KM building factory. When the wall panels are built, we fold and ship them to the construction site.

Log house drawing
Timber frame house construction process


Your new home kit is arrived. Sounds exciting? We mount the timber frame panels to the foundation and complete full exterior, interior finish.

Exterior finish includes windows and doors. Balconies finish. Log processing, painting, installation of gutters and installation of window and door trim.

Intermediate floor insulation, vapour barrier, floor- boards (pine), first floor insulation, painting, floor sanding, varnishing, installation of trims, interior doors and stairs and tiled floors in the bathrooms.

Timber frame house doors
Timber frame house interior finish in process
Timber frame house kitchen