Technical specifications for element houses


KM Building element house kit consists of house elements with 200mm insulation in the walls and 300mm insulation in the roof. All roof materials for turf roof, except soil. Triple glass windows, exterior and interior doors. Wood floor materials and insulation as well as terrace materials. Read more detailed information bellow.


  • Pine or spruce cladding 21x170mm
  • Horizontal lathing 50x32mm
  • Vertical lathing 50x32mm
  • Wind barrier Tyvek Housewrap
  • OSB 12mm
  • Timber frame 45×145
  • Insulation λ35 150mm + 50mm
  • Vapor barrier El-Pefoil 200
  • Lathing 45x45mm
  • Laminated beams in roof


  • Platon Icopal membrane
  • Timber boards 28x120mm & 28x145mm
  • Lathing 75x45mm
  • Wind barrier Tyvek soft
  • Rafters 45x245mm
  • Insulation 250mm + 50mm
  • Vapor Barrier El-Pefoil 200mm
  • Lathing 45x45mm
  • Pine or spruce cladding 14x145mm
  • Black metal gutters

Windows & Doors

  • Exterior doors
  • Interior doors – Jeldwen
  • Scandinavian style triple glass windows


  • Timber construction 50x75mm
  • Floor boards 28x145mm (Pine)
  • Insulation 75mm
  • Vapor barrier


  • Timber construction 50x145mm
  • Impregnated boards 28x145mm

Aditional details

  • Painted stairs with ash steps
  • Tile installation
  • Mouldings for ceiling, floors, doors and windows
  • Intermediate floor (ceiling) (OSB 22mm Timber construction 200x45mm Insulation 200mm Vapor barrier El-Pefoil 200 Lathing 25x50mm)
  • Decorative posts

Outside finish

The assembly of the house from wall construction, door and window installation to roofing, lasts from one to three weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. Read more what materials are included in KIT

Full finish

Interior finish Intermediate floor insulation, vapor barrier, floor- boards (pine), first floor insulation, painting, floor sanding, varnishing, installation of trims, interior doors and stairs and tiled floors in the bath- rooms. Installation of all the materials mentioned above in KIT

Additional information

Transportation costs are calculated 1500km from our factory. Price do not include: Fundament,Paint for exterior, Interior painting, Electrical works and materials, Plumbing works and materials, Living place for 4 carpenters during assembly time, Tiles, Grass and soil on roof, Ventilation, Fireplace and chimney, Crane services. All prices are excluding VAT.