Technology of log houses

KM Building works with individual projects and creates log houses in seven months. In a construction we use pine logs on a Class A, which means they are at least 130 years old. There is an opportunity to order logs of Siberian larches or other conifer trees.

The construction process of log houses divides into eight steps:

1. Planning and sketching. The duration of planning and sketching of the individual project lasts from three to four weeks. Jointly with a client we understand wishes, opportunities of an outcome and we search for the most appropriate solutions.

2. Detailed and precise technical project development begins right away we have an agreement with the client about the capacity of the project, main costs and a vision of the outcome. Our architect creates precise technical project in six to eight weeks.

3. A compilation and coordination of an estimate lasts up to two weeks. After the coordination with the client we start a manufacturing.

4. During a manufacturing process we buy logs and dry them for five days (according to clients wishes it is possible up to 20 days) until 18% of a wood moisture. Afterwards we sort and select only appropriate logs for the construction, which are carved by craftsman hands. The connections of logs or in other words cats are milled (according to clients wishes it possible to do a hand crafting), therefore it is possible to provide higher heat insulation to the house and more precise compression of the logs. The corners of the house are hand crafted, because it provides more higher accuracy during the construction process. Usually the manufacturing of the standard house 100-120m² lasts two months. The duration of the manufacturing depends on how difficult is the project.

5. A transportation of logs to a construction place takes from four to six days. It depends on a distance between the KM Building manufacture and the construction place.

6. An assembly of the house from a wall construction until a roof application, door insertion lasts three weeks, which depends on a difficulty of the project.

7. An exterior and interior finish last up to two months, because it depends on the wishes of the client and an amount of involved work. It is necessary to have approximately 12 hours of craftsman work to build 1m2. We provide full interior finish. It includes an over-grinding of the logs, decking of a flooring material, a stair assembly, kitchen installation and interior finishing. Log processing, painting, instillation of gutters, window and door trim goes for the exterior finish.

8. Project commissioning and regular maintenance of the house. Probably we are the only ones in Baltic States who give five year warranty for our work by doing regular maintenance of the house at least once a year.